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Below are some sites that I have found useful, inspiring and sometimes frustrating (mainly because they do things so much better than we do! haha)

Australian Guitar Making School
Schools in Erina NSW, Newcastle NSW, Toronto NSW, Brisbane QLD and Townsville QLD

Thomas Lloyd School of Guitar Making
Chris Wynne Master Luthier, Highly recommended!

Musos Repair Shop
Jeff Chapman, Luthier, Bass player extraordinaire, Friend

The Cover Up
Jeff Chapman's band, lots of fun, book them.

Mike McCarthy
Talented singer, songwriter.

Mudpoo and Captain Pete
Peter Klein is a children's author and entertainer.

Australian Guitar Making School
Based in Toronto and Maitland NSW, more people can now learn to build their own guitar.

Specialists in Outback Timbers. Suppliers of Mulga and Gidgee. We use these timbers on our fretboards and bridges.

Joe Gallacher
Luthier based in Albury NSW Australia. A great inspiration and master luthier.

Stewart Macdonald
Simply the best Luthier supplier in the world

Woodworkers heaven in Sydney

Australian Luthier Supplies
As the name suggest, great luthier supplier in Australia
Another great luthier supplier

Martin Guitars
The inventors of so much and the producers of some of the best guitars

Taylor Guitars
Some of the best guitars commercially available

LR Baggs Pickups
These are simply the best Acoustic Guitar pickups available.

Guitar Strings and Beyond
Where I get all my strings.

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